Statement for Ukraine Oncology Nurses

The Global Power of Oncology Nursing (GPON) calls for protection of healthcare personnel including nurses working in hostile environments throughout the world. Ukraine current example, and immediate cessation of attacks on hospitals and medical care facilities.

@GPONursing #NursesforPeace

The Global Power of Oncology Nursing nurses, aligned with the London Global Cancer Week, stands in solidarity with nurses across Ukraine struggling to care for patients and their families and in particular, oncology nurses. Children and adults with cancer, fighting for their lives, must be allowed to continue safe treatment at home without fear of death by bombing or destruction of their hospital. We call or an immediate cease on attacks on hospitals that render cancer care impossible and kill the very patients, nurses and staff working valiantly to save lives. We also call upon the Russian government to immediately engage in good faith negotiations for safe passage of children and adults with cancer who wish to leave Ukraine to seek treatment in another country – and to abide by promises made for such. The recent bombing of hospitals across Ukraine is a violation of international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions, while also threatening the sanctity of local humanitarian support including nursing care.

We stand with the International Council of Nursing in demanding the “protection of healthcare and end of hostilities” and join their #NursesforPeace social media campaign to unite with nurses across the world in solidarity with the nurses of Ukraine.