About GPON 2020

GPON 2020 was an outstanding inaugural conference, held to reflect ‘International Year of the Nurse’ (and what a year that was!). We heard from oncology nurses and colleagues from the Republic of Georgia, Romania, Pakistan, Palestine, and Peru among countries. We also had testimonies from cancer survivors who spoke eloquently about their treatment experiences and hopes and dreams for their future.

By sharing our nursing expertise and survivor experiences as well as insights from critical stakeholders and cancer advocates, we intend to show that nurses and nurse leaders stand in the forefront, united with all stakeholders, in efforts to decrease the burden of cancer worldwide. Join us on Nov 16, 17 and 18, 2021 to hear from our extraordinary speakers and join our conversation about the Global Power of Oncology Nursing.

Over 350 people attended from 30 countries throughout the world. Attendees from the East and Europe joined us in the morning, with many from the West in the afternoon.  We know of many colleagues got up in the middle of the night.

Recordings from GPON 2020 are available to view on demand. We hope to see you at GPON 2021.