Programme Highlights

Oncology Nursing in Troubled Zones

Nursing Research Highlights from the Global South

Lived Experiences of Nurse Migration

Climate Change and Frontline Oncology Nursing

Confirmed Key Speakers

Oncology Nursing in Troubled Zones

● Sudan: Dr. Ishraga Madan
● Turkey: Hatice Burgac
● Pakistan: Muhammad Ali

Lived Experiences of Nurse Migration – Mexico to Germany

– Aranis Ariadne González Durán
– Carolina Monjaras Guerra
– Dalia Elizabeth Galicia Pineda

Nursing Research from the Global South

  • China: Meiya Lai “Nursing Older People with Cancer in Rural and Urban China”
  • Mexico: María Nidia Mercado “Effect of the nursing consultancy model on quality of life and toxicity caused by chemotherapy in patients with cancer”

Global Power of Oncology Nursing (GPON) Conference 2023 ‘United to Lead through Adversity’

Free, virtual event

Saturday 11th November 2023

2 sessions covering many regional time zones

07:00 UTC – 11:00 UTC in English

20:00 UTC – 22:30 UTC bilingual in English and Spanish with simultaneous translation​

Held in association with

GPON hosts a free virtual event held annually and focuses on cancer care and nursing in low-resource countries with interaction from an audience of over 300 survivors, caregivers, nurses, allied healthcare professionals, industry partners and stakeholders from around the globe.